06.Broadcasting by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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Figure 2. The Internet in terms of its component protocol layers. Each layer is independent and only needs know how to hand data to the next. BROADCASTING VIA INTERNET Table 1. 35 Mbit/s 689 Mbit/s 125 Mbit/s 10 Mbytes 5 Mbytes 938 kbytes UDP has appeared. It has been noted that with a small increase in the pre-buffer time, a player can request dropped packets from the server via TCP and often receive them via UDP in time for them to be of use. 8 kbits/s. Since raw audio and video generate significantly higher data rates, to make broadcasting in real time over the Internet a reality, a vast reduction in the amount of data has to occur.

Satellite transponder channel allocations.  Morgan Kaufman Publishers. Scientific Atlanta, adapted for cable television about three years later, are not completely frequency independent, they do function well over much greater bandwidth than Yagi antennas. As used in cable TV, the dipole elements attached to a boom on the axis of the array are directly driven, with the polarity reversed between adjacent elements. None of the elements are parasitic. Forward gain for single log-periodic antennas is about 9 dBi to 12 dBi.

For receiving local signals from nearby terrestrial broadcasting stations, many cable TV systems still use some version of the Yagi antenna. The Yagi–Uda antenna, developed in the late 1920s by two professors at Tohoku University in Japan, is the simplest and lowest-cost antenna generally used in cable TV systems. It comprises a halfwave dipole coupled directly to the down-lead transmission line, with a parasitic half-wave ‘‘reflector’’ dipole spaced approximately ␭ behind it, and five or ten parasitic ‘‘director’’ dipoles in front, generally spaced considerably less than ␭, and somewhat less than a half-wave length long.

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