7 Days To A Housetrained Dog by Charles R. Heflin

By Charles R. Heflin

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Once there, use the command words, ‘Potty time’. Praise him when he follows you. ) and don’t let go of the leash. Once he does his job, praise him and walk him out of the elimination spot and out for a little surprise walk. Please be careful to make sure it is not strenuous or away from the house because puppies can catch infections very easily and you need to wait for a while before you can venture out of the house and the yard. Make it a short walk around the flowerbeds or a little stroll in the balcony if you live in an apartment.

Just one thing—set the alarm for 5 am because if you have an early riser in your dog, you would need to take him to the potty spot!! Until then, goodnight! 45 Chapter 4: It is Day Two and hopefully you woke up before your dog and rushed him out to the elimination spot. If you set the alarm and wake up before your dog’s whining, you have a chance to avoid an accident. Even if you do wake up to a wet little puppy, take him to the elimination spot and let him sniff around. You must take him there so that he knows that the first thing he does when he wakes up is go to the potty spot.

If he doesn’t, do not push him in. B Ba acck k tto o tth hee p po ottttyy ssp po ott Once the 25 minutes of time is up, you need to pick your dog up again and head for the elimination spot. Once it’s 25 - 30 minutes past his meal, your puppy will be ready for a poop job. Usually, depending on what they eat, dogs evacuate their bowels after half an hour of their meal. Carry your dog to the elimination spot and again repeat the command. Your dog should hear the same words, used in the same context and at the same place.

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