A Catalog of Biblical Passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls by David L. Washburn

By David L. Washburn

Fabric from the lifeless Sea Scrolls appears to be like in lots of courses. whereas a lot of the corpus has now seemed within the Discoveries within the Judaean barren region sequence, there are nonetheless fragments buried in vague journals and books that may be nearly very unlikely to discover. This ebook identifies all of the passages within the Qumran files that include biblical textual content, either within the biblical and non-biblical scrolls. It presents particular bibliographic info, in canonical order, for finding each one passage within the released scrolls and compares every one to the traditional Hebrew and Greek models of the Hebrew Bible, noting either similarities and ameliorations. it truly is designed to assist those that are looking to paintings with manuscripts and types to find the unique textual content of the Hebrew Bible. This paintings will entice scholars of Qumran, and either students and nonspecialists drawn to textual feedback of the Hebrew Bible. Paperback version is offered from the Society of Biblical Literature (www.sbl-site.org).

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Nurn 3:26-30 44365 DJD 13:3M) Most non-MT readings are unique. Nurn 3:38-41 2QNum4(246) DJD 3 5 7 Fragmentary; follows MT 48 A Cafalogof BfbNcalPassages in the Dead Sea Scrolls Location Comments Nurn 3:40-42 Skehan, VTSup Fragmentary; text uncertain. 4:155-156 Nurn 340-43 DJD 9:189 Very fragmentary; a couple of unique readings; ~ y x o z o l z o ~ qalpcrfv v v. 43 (=MT). Nurn 350-51? DJD 9:190 Identification very questionable. Nurn 3:51-4:3 DJD 3:58 Extremely fragmentary; f0Uows MT. Nurn 3:51-4:12 DJD 12:165 Identical to MT Nurn 4: I?

Exod 9:35-10:l 4QpaleoExodm (4422) DJD 9:81 Extremely fragmentary, follows MT. 2bis an addition From Sam; othenvise of no textual value. Exod 10:5-12 4QpaleoExodm (4422) DJD 9:82 Includes Sam addition v. 5; otherwise follows MT. Exod 10:7-9 4QExodC(4Q 14) DJD 12:1 10 Very fragmentary; foUows MT, Exod 10:12-19 4QExodC(4Q14) DJD 12:110 Very fragmentary; non-MT readings follow LXX. -20 44365 DJD 13:265 Of no textual value Exod 10:19-24 (3 letters v 20) 4QpaleoExodm (4422) DJD 9:82 Fragmentary; sometimes follows Sam, sometimes MT.

44365 DJD 13:299 Identification questionable Nurn 1:l-5 (1 letter v. 5) 4Q36S DJD 13:299 Generally follows MT Num 1:l-5 (3 letters each w. 4 & 5) 4QLev-Num' (4Q23) DJD 12:163 Fragmentary; identical to MT Num 1:21-22 4QLev-Num' (4423) DJD 12:163 Fragmentary; identical to MT Num 1:36-40 (1 letter v. 37) 4QLev-Num' (4Q23) DJD 12:163 Fragmentary; follows MT. N ? identical to MT. Nurn 2: 18-20 (v. 19 N l q 1 letter v. 20) 4QLev-Num' (4423) DJD 12:164 Of no textual value. 164 Fragmentary; identical to MT Nurn 3:3-19 (v, 17 N/R, 1 letter v.

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