A field guide to hawks, North America by William S Clark; Brian K Wheeler; National Audubon Society.;

By William S Clark; Brian K Wheeler; National Audubon Society.; National Wildlife Federation

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Da rk ta il ba nds a re w id e and WClll) ; Ib] DARK INTERMEDIATE JUVENltE. O ve ra ll d ark e xce pt ror w hite supe reili a rics a nd throa t a nd a few whit c st rea ks o n breus t. Ie] DARK · MORPH JUVENilE. Ove ra ll d a rk. D a rk ta il ba nd s a re \v ide r. N otl' darh spilws on tips (Jfla il f eathers. Id]INTlRMEDIATI · MORPH JUVENILE. D ark, wi th s t ro n g face p a tt e rn a nd s treak ing on breas t. No te ba r red lips o n o ut e r prim ar ies . /~ spilws (m li ps tail f eathers a nd seco nda ri es.

5hO\\· n a r­ row gray bililds. [c] HEAD·ON SILHOUETTE. Soars and glides with wings in a dih e dral. [d] SUBADULT. Some eagles appear adultlike but show a bit of whit e in their ta ils. Th ese are e ith e r Basic III or IV. [e] OLDER IMMATURE. Indi vidual that has almost co mpl e ted molt of flight fea Lh ers, but shows re tained outer primaries and one retained seco nd ary on cach wing. This cagle is l3 as ic II beca us e of th e rc­ tained ju ve nile outer primaries. Note irreg ular white strea ks on und e rsid es of [light and ta il feat hers.

Vhit e uppertail cove rts usually have clark centers _ [c] LlGHT-MORPH JUVENILE. Juve niles appear mll c h like adult females. el l )' bands, relati vely un­ marke d und e rwing cove rts , narrow dusky tra iling e dge of wings, and c/m/{y tip to pale wulertail, lacking a wide dark band. Note pale primary panel on backlit wings. [d] DARK-MORPH JUVENILE. Darke r juve nil e with dark head and pale bands on uppe rta il. Most are mal es, hut some arc females _ Note pale primary patches and dark primary cove rts of'juvl'niles.

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