A monograph of British belemnitidae: Jurassic by Phillips J.

By Phillips J.

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Oblique, rvith excentricapex; the si,desare nearlystraight,and inclinedat an angle of 27oor 28o;t the angleincluded betweenthe dorsaland ventral linesis about32o. Sect'ion elliptical,as 100 to gl . Eeptanot observed, exceptnearthe apexof the phragmocone. Venrnrrns. d. Lateralgroovesdistinct(specimens figured). B. Lateralgroovesobsolete(not figured). The type specimens employedby Miller are unknown. There is in tlre museumof the Bristol Institution a tabletmarkedB. acutus,Lower Lias,Cheltenham, bearingtwo specimens.

Basis rvith a deep short fissure, not ertending backu'ardsbeyondthe alveolarregion; no furrows at the point. Confinedto Cletaceousstrata. D'Orbigny separates the third divisionof Bronn from other Belemnitesnnder the irtle of Belemnitella;for the othershe forrnsfive groups,charactei'ised by peculiaritiesof thc rostrumor guard:1 l. -Rostrum more or less eonical, often furrowed or wrinkled at thc lower extremity, without ventral or lateral furrovrs in the anterior part. ) 'elongate, 2. -Rostntm lanceolate, or conical, provided below with ventral a canal occupyingnearly the whole length; no lateral furrows.

Rostntm lanceolate, or conical, provided below with ventral a canal occupyingnearly the whole length; no lateral furrows. ) 3. -Rostrum elongate,commonlylanceolate,with lateral furrows on a part of the length, anclan anteriorventral furrorv,very clistinct. ) 4. -Rostrum elougate,often clavate,n-ith lateral furrou's, but no anterior ventralfurrow. ) 5. -Rostrum cornpressed,often enlarged, with lateral furrorys and a deep dorsal anterior groove. ) This author, frour a study of recent Cephalopoda,was led to the supposition, and finally, after re-searches among fossil groups, to the conviction,that in many Belemnites, independentlyof age, the rostrum was longer or shorter in proportion to the alveoiaraxis, accorclingto sex, the rnaleshaving a longer and tire females a shorter guard.

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