A Roadmap for Formal Property Verification by Pallab Dasgupta

By Pallab Dasgupta

Integrating formal estate verification (FPV) into an latest layout procedure increases numerous attention-grabbing questions. Have I written sufficient homes? Have I written a constant set of houses? What should still I do whilst the FPV instrument runs into skill matters? This publication develops the solutions to those questions and suits them right into a roadmap for formal estate verification – a roadmap that indicates how one can glue FPV expertise into the normal validation stream. A Roadmap for Formal estate Verification explores the foremost concerns during this strong expertise via basic examples – you don't want any historical past on formal tips on how to learn such a lot elements of this book.

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We will use X to denote the next operator, U to denote the until operator, G to denote the always operator, and F to denote the eventually operator. G means globally with respect to time, and F means in the future. Let π = ν0 , ν1 , . . denote a run, and π k = νk , νk+1 , . . denote the part of π starting from νk . We will use the notation π |= f to denote that the property f holds on the run π. Given a run π, we will also use the notation νk |= f to denote π k |= f . In other words, a property is said to be true at an intermediate state of the run iff the fragment of the run starting from that state satisfies the property.

The protocol is non-preemptive. Once granted, the master owns the Bus until it lowers its req line. 2. If the master is in the ADDRESS cycle, it should not change the address floated in the Bus until it receives the rdy signal from the slave. 3. Each DATA cycle is of unit cycle duration. 52 2 Languages for Temporal Properties Let us start by coding these properties directly in SVA. req ; endproperty The predicate $rose(gnt) is true in a cycle if the signal gnt rose in that cycle. The triggering condition for the second property is that the master must be in the ADDRESS cycle.

7. Module M satisfies FGp, but not AFAGp When do we use a linear time logic, and when do we use a branching time logic? This is a matter of considerable debate, and is hardly agreed upon. However, experience shows that linear time logics are the natural choice for black-box testing. For example, while specifying the behavior of a module, we can write linear time properties over its interface signals without knowing the internal state machine of the module. 30 2 Languages for Temporal Properties On the other hand, branching time logics are useful for verifying properties over a given state machine.

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