A saga of sea eagles by John A. Love

By John A. Love

This is a much-needed replace on a pioneering and celebrated reintroduction undertaking, in addition to crucial heritage and an aim precis of its justification and importance in worldwide conservation phrases. it's very a lot a private account, instead of a systematic strategy, deriving a lot from the author’s personal studies and researches, and liberally illustrated ordinarily via the author’s photos and drawings.

This intimate account, usually first-hand, tells all that has occurred because the reintroduction of the white-tailed sea eagle first started and precisely how its successes over the following 3 and a part many years have obtained such around the world acceptance and acclaim. The e-book incorporates a class of the eagles and their folklore and knowledge approximately their heritage, distribution and biology.

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34 Sea Eagle fiction His friend and biographer, Alfred Newton (1860), went on to describe how: …a mass of rocks, perhaps in by-gone years tenanted by the other native species, was wired over, and the plan of the cage thus formed, having been brought to the knowledge of the late Secretary of the Zoological Society, suggested the first idea of the fine Eagle Aviary which now adorns the Gardens in the Regent’s Park. He later recounted that in this roomy cage, the birds lived contentedly for some five or six years: …until one day it was found that the female had killed and eaten half her mate [presumably its sibling if they had come from the same nest].

Ruth admits she does not know how the bird came to lose its foot: perhaps the local fishermen had cut it off to retrieve an aluminium leg ring, mistakenly believing it was made of silver. Alternatively the bird could have been attacked by a Nile crocodile, or else lost its leg when it became entangled in fishing net. There was also an ancient belief in Shetland (Ritchie 1920) that eagles raiding a farmyard could be prevailed upon by a charm to drop the victim: the witness was supposed to cast some knots in a length of string and utter a simple spell.

Ruth Tingay (2005) found that up to 40 per cent of the nests had extra adult helpers, more often males than females, sometimes as many as five birds, but they may not necessarily have been related to the established breeding pair. Sometimes analysis of DNA reveals that an extra male has sired the progeny, rather than the established territory holder. With only 100 pairs or so, the Madagascar Fish Eagle is the rarest of all eagles, and indeed one of the seven most endangered raptors in the world.

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