A statistical history of the Korean war 1950–1953 by Micheal Clodfelter

By Micheal Clodfelter

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Thick. 2. A southern long wall forming part of the outer defense. 00 m. thick. Runs southeast from the south corner of (1). 3. 90 m. thick. 4. A western wall, running parallel to the inner circuit (1) for most of its length and ca. 6 m. from it. Ca. 60 m. thick. Runs into the intersection of (1) and (2) and connects at the north with (3). 5. A second western wall, outside (4) and 2 to 3 m. from it. 50m. thick. Appears to merge at the south with (1), (2), and (4). the highergroundbehindit, so that while its front face rises to a heightof ca.

559. She cites B. N. Grakov, Ancient Pottery Stamps with the Names of Astynomoi (Moscow, 1929, in Russian), p. 124, his Group II. , but another example of this Group, SS 11354, comes from an Agora deposit considered to date in the third quarter of the fourth century. From this, and from the fact that she would prefer to put the end of his series, Group VI, almost 100 years earlier than he suggests, Miss Grace feels that the handle should be dated ca. C. (information furnished by V. Grace, per litt.

1938, pp. 1-31. 27 Cf. Karten von Attika, Bl. VIII. 28 Karten von Attika, B1. 5. 29 M. ] in MEyadXr LXIX, pp. 131-133. PROVISIONAL CORPUS OF FORTIFIED MILITARY CAMPS 31 Paraskevaides's report is the only one available, and since that is almost inaccessible to those not in Greece, I give a translation of the relevant portion: 3 The prehistoricfort has a line of walls which we are able to follow from the cliff of the southeastshore of MikroKavouri. From the cliff at the shore its line follows a northwesterly course south of the peak of the hill for a distanceof 55 meters; it proceedsnorthwardfor 40 meters,then continuesin a northeasterlydirectionfor 35 metersto a point where a rectangular tower, 7 by 6 meters, juts forward.

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