Accelerators by L. Marton,C. Marton

By L. Marton,C. Marton

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Tehhti. Fiz. -Tech. Phys. 9, 1248: 1256: 1265 (1965)l. 68 E. Everhart and Q. C. Kessel, Phys. Rrv. Lett. 14, 247 (1965). 6s U . Fano and W. Lichten, Phys. Rrv. Lett. 14, 627 (1965). 2. ACCELERATED IONS FOR ATOMIC COLLISIONS 23 sions in which the velocity of the ion A is equal to the average orbital velocity of the K-shell and L-shell electrons. At first glance it is startling that even the highest energy accelerators cannot reach velocities sufficient to satisfy our proposed criterion for maximizing the ion-target Kshell interaction for A > 100.

The mag- - 27 E. 0. Lawrence and M. S. Livingston, Phys. Rev. 40, 19 (1932). 22 MeV in this paper; E. 0. Lawrence, M. S. Livingston, and M. G. White, P h y s . Rev. 42, 150 (1932). ZR E. 0. Lawrence and M. S . Livingston, Phys. Rev. 45,608 (1934). They reported on the acceleration of H+ ions to 5 MeV in this paper. 2. rrm). By having the ions move inside two D-shaped electrodes, dees, separated by an acceleration gap, the ions that start in phase will remain in phase with an accelerating RF electric field at the resonance frequency f a t the gap between the dees.

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