Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems by V. Zhurbenko

By V. Zhurbenko

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In Wide band LNA f out in Adjustable LNA out f f (a) Fig. 33. Behavioral LNA solution for SR receivers: wide band (a) (b) adjustable (b) A first solution, Fig. 33(a), would rely on a wide band LNA achieving the best performances, required by the most stringent standard, over its whole bandwidth. But it is not an optimized approach, in particularly from power saving, since the LNA often provides useless skills regarding the application needs. A smart management is to adjust the LNA performances according to the standard requirements.

Considering the linearity, the wide band operation puts on the receiver some stringent constrains from intermodulation rejections. The IIP3 and IIP2 can be improved by a narrow band response of the circuit. So we can draw the behavior of a SR LNA as it follows, Fig. 33(b):  a wide band operation for signal tracking  a tunable topology to adjust the performances with the targeted applications  a narrow band response to fill high IIPi requirements As mentioned in [24], the performances of a SASP unit, and later SR devices, are technology dependent.

Harff, N. , Schreiber, S. , and Gilbert, B. K. (2004). Network analyzer measurement de-embedding utilizing a distributed transmission matrix bisection of a single THRU structure, 63rd ARFTG Conference, pp. 61–68. Faria, J. A. B. (2004). A new generalized modal analysis theory for nonuniform multiconductor transmission lines, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 926–933. , Natsukari, Y. , and Fujishima, M. (2008). New on-chip de-embedding for accurate evaluation of symmetric devices, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol.

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