Against Liberation: Putting Animals in Perspective (Volume by Michael P. T. Leahy

By Michael P. T. Leahy

Simply by interpreting the reports of the folk (or perhaps the animals) who gave this e-book one-star, you can still inform the emotional vitriol, the name-calling and histrionics that accompany thr so-called "animal rights" circulation. the purpose is that you simply cannot have rational discussions with those that equate the dying of six million Jews to the loss of life of six million chickens, that's what those humans think in. and that is the challenge - if you happen to disagree with them, you're "ignorant, "stupid" - and so forth. so in case you are a pondering individual, take those studies for what they're worthy. that is what is so irritating approximately this stream - they use scare strategies, certainly downright terroristic suggestions, to get you to "convert" (it's no shock Hitler was once a vegetarian animal-lover!) This booklet makes a well-argued, nuanced case and maybe it is attracting a lot hate-mail the reason is, it truly is relatively solid. it is easy to learn and makes excellent arguments.

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Not surprisingly, Singer’s conclusion is that ‘the most natural way to explain this is to say that the apes had grasped the concept of the “middle object” ‘adding that this is beyond the competence of many AGAINST LIBERATION 35 children of four years of age. This experiment, by Rohes and Devine cited by Donald Griffin (1976), is typical of a vast accumulation of data gathered from experiments on animal learning over many years. Griffin, in his two books on the subject (1976, 1984), the most recent suggestively entitled Animal Thinking, and the psychologist Stephen Walker’s Animal Thought (1983) provide numerous examples.

The suspicion is aroused that consciousness of self, remembering Singer’s question in the preceding paragraph (1979:94), is not just aided by a grasp of language but is impossible without it. The intuition that prompted the fruitless window-gazing was that the self, not unlike Singer’s view of pain or Dawkins’ of suffering, was some sort of primary mental experience inaccessible to all but its possessor. This is now in doubt. As if to underline this, the second moral is that the dog in our vignette was lost to the proceedings right at the start.

It seems strange then that we are so precipitately hurried into assessing concrete situations and invited to accept that it is indeed the case without any theoretical preamble to at least sugar the highly improbable pill into some degree of 36 THE UTILITARIAN BEGINNINGS plausibility. The examples do not speak for themselves. As Walker points out, if abstraction means neglecting particulars in favour of some quality which they all possess such as colour, number, shape, or sequence, which these experiments seem designed to demonstrate, then ‘it is easy, not difficult…a Pavlovian experiment could easily show monkeys salivating to anything white’ (1983: 109).

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