Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe

By Cameron Crowe

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'Best recognized for the hit musicals West part tale and Gypsy, Arthur Laurents all started his occupation writing socially minded performs comparable to domestic of the courageous and Time of the Cuckoo. He additionally garnered striking credit as a screenwriter (The manner We have been) and degree director (La Cage aux Folles). the sort of diverse specialist existence makes for soaking up interpreting, as used to be first unleashed in his energetic 2000 autobiography, unique tale through.

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32 EXT. SPORTS ARENA -- NIGHT 32 Penny takes out an eyeliner pencil, writes her number on the back of his green notebook. PENNY LANE Call me if you need a rescue. com Almost Famous in the same city. WILLIAM I think I live in a different world. They stand in the night air. The parking lot is largely silent now, save for the thudding bass sounds of Black Sabbath. In the distance, we hear Elaine's insistent whistle. PENNY Speaking of the world. I've made a decision. (a very serious secret) I'm going to live in Morocco for one year.

I was there when his wife left him. com 60 Almost Famous C. Swoop. Charles. POLEXIA (on phone) I CAN SEE THE EIFFELL TOWER. DO YOU KNOW THERE ARE 578 STEPS TO THE TOP? She's reading from a European tour book. WILLIAM Paul and Debbie Finger. ESTRELLA (looking out window) Oh my God. Simon Kirke of Bad Company is by the pool. The girls mobilize by the window. William is increasingly aware that he is an outsider in his own tiny room. He tries to organize his stuff in the corner. I GOTTA GO! POLEXIA I'LL CALL FROM ROME!

55 DICK Darling Bus. You can EXT. NEVADA DESERT HIGHWAY -- DAY 55 The Stillwater Tour Bus rumbles down the desert highway. The destination banner reads - ALMOST FAMOUS -- TOUR 73. Music continues. 56 INT. BUS - DAY 56 William strains for a look at Russell five rows up. He plays slide guitar, working out a part. Next to Russell is Penny Lane. Penny raises an early-model Polaroid camera and - flash - takes a picture of a nearby sleeping Jeff Bebe. PENNY Gotcha. Jeff grumbles from the depths of a hangover.

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