An Introduction to W.R. Bion’s ’A Memoir of the Future’: by Paulo Cesar Sandler

By Paulo Cesar Sandler

Within the final years of his lifestyles Bion amassed strange manuscripts handwritten in his tidy lettering that assumed the shape of a trilogy. Finely typed and edited by means of his committed spouse, they have been named "A Memoir of the Future". a few of the issues of this ebook have been already obtrusive in Transformations and Attention and Interpretation. those prior books offer some of the theories whose functional counterpart eventually chanced on a kind within the trilogy: as Bion himself famous, "the standards for a psychoanalytic paper are that it may stimulate within the reader the emotional adventure that the author intends, that its energy to stimulate might be sturdy, and that the emotional event therefore influenced may be a correct illustration of the psychoanalytic adventure that encouraged the author in first place." was once Bion actual to his notice? it's maybe left to the reader to respond to this question. those books are an try to point out the view that Bion’s test was once to give the burning flame itself – instead of featuring static images of the hearth.

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His close links with von Stauffenberg and his colleagues emerged after their plot to kill Hitler failed. Von Dohnanyi—along with the other conspirators—was found guilty by a fake court and hanged with piano wire. The executions were filmed, and Hitler reportedly used the films for his personal amusement until his own suicide (Kershaw, 1988). This brief account of an aspect of the history of the von Dohnanyi family may highlight the fact that criminals living in a criminal—or untruthful— social milieu are not seen as criminals: they are regarded as ordinary people.

Bion seems to answer positively, having an insight which displays his own helplessness when put in a situation of having to be responsible for himself. Being part of a group is one of the alternatives one may use when one is unable to be individually responsible for oneself: people look for companions to “share” whatever it may be. This is the case of one who looks for a breast, for a mother, for marriage, and also of one who looks for a doctor. T H E F U M B L I N G I N FA N C Y 19 It was the Nazi phenomenon which brought to the fore the inception of techniques to manage small groups under the psychoanalytic vertex.

6 Members of the psychoanalytic movement became curious due to multifarious factors, such as fear of the unknown, fear of personal responsibility and free will, and an unbridled and underdeveloped infantile sexual curiosity that could not transform itself into curiosity about oneself. They became arrogant due to the delusional idea that an inner superiority would allow one to impose one’s desire on all other people, things and events, above all, on the unknown. The arrogant model is furnished by Oedipus, who wished to know what he could never know: how, when and why he T H E F U M B L I N G I N FA N C Y 25 was born.

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