Animals: From Mythology to Zoology (Discovering the Earth) by Michael Allaby

By Michael Allaby

Animals: From Mythology to Zoology starts off with an summary of early principles in regards to the nature and beginning of animals. Rulers within the historic global stored collections of animals to provoke their viewers and reveal their energy. The ebook describes a few of these collections in China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome and tells how they built from menageries to fashionable zoos. humans have constantly drawn classes from the habit of animals and the e-book describes a couple of genuine animals and the “characters” they have been as soon as purported to own. it truly is yet brief step from there to checklist of wonderful beasts that writers heard approximately from sailors and different viewers to far away areas of the realm, and in addition to impressive animals there have been additionally magnificent people. From there the booklet returns to fact and outlines of the expansion of contemporary zoology and animal class, and of ethology the research of animal habit.

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He welcomed the two Westerners warmly and listened to all they had to tell him about the West. Kublai sent them back to Europe with a safe conduct—a kind of passport—as well as gifts for the pope and a letter requesting  men to teach his people about Christianity and Western customs and some holy oil from Jerusalem. The Polos reached Acre, in what is now northern Israel, in , and from there returned to Italy. Pope Clement IV had died in , and it was  before Gregory X was elected to succeed him.

The book has been highly influential throughout history. In his History of Western Philosophy Bertrand Russell wrote: “Why did the Puritans object to the music and painting and gorgeous ritual of the Catholic Church? You will find the answer in the tenth book of the Republic. Why are children in school compelled to learn arithmetic? ” Troubled times are times of rapid change, so perhaps it is not surprising that Plato believed that all change was for the worse. He sought permanence but found only change, and in his pursuit of per- 15 16 ANIMALS manence he developed the ideas of Parmenides, expounding them in books V to VII of the Republic.

And  lions.  cm).  m) tall.  m) wide. Other accounts of Ptolemy’s procession list , bulls with horns painted or covered Menageries and Zoos with gold,  Arabian sheep,  cheetahs, seven pairs of oryxes, , horses, one bear, one giraffe, cages of parrots and peacocks, and  men carrying trees with birds perched in them. ROMAN PETS, MENAGERIES, AND CIRCUSES Ptolemy’s parade of animals may seem extreme, but it was modest compared with the Roman parades and entertainments that used animals imported from all parts of the empire, especially from Africa.

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