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Desktops have gotten extra strong at an ever-increasing cost, yet will they ever turn into awake? synthetic intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil thinks so and explains how we'll "download" our software program (our minds) and "upgrade" our (our our bodies) to develop into immortal -- sooner than the sunrise of the twenty second century. during this debate together with his critics, together with a number of Discovery Institute Fellows, Kurzweil defends his perspectives and units the level for the vital query: "What does it suggest to be human?"

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The dream of instantiating the properties and characteristics of living organisms in non-living artificial systems is almost as old as human thought. Even in the most primitive of times the magician’s model or likeness upon which the rituals of sympathetic magic were enacted was believed to capture some essential quality of the living reality it represented. The magician’s likeness, Vaucanson’s famous mechanical duck, which was able to eat and drink and waddle convincingly and was one of the wonders of the Paris salons in the eighteenth century, the Golem or artificial man who would protect the Jews of medieval Prague, HAL the life-like computer in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, all testify to mankind’s eternal fascination with the dream to create another life and to steal fire from the gods.

Frankly, had I read this as a summary of some author’s claims, I might think it must be a “distorted caricature,” but Kurzweil did in fact make each of these claims, as I show by extensive quotation. In his letter he did not challenge me on any of these central points. He conceded by his silence that my understanding of him on these central issues is correct. ” I then point out that his arguments are inadequate to establish any of these spectacular conclusions. , and the observer-independent intrinsic sense.

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