Artificial Beings: The Conscience of a Conscious Machine by Jacques Pitrat

By Jacques Pitrat

This booklet demonstrates that not just is it attainable to create entities with either realization and judgment of right and wrong, yet that these entities display them in methods various from our personal, thereby displaying a brand new form of realization.
Chapter 1 offering the Actors (pages 1–20):
Chapter 2 attention and judgment of right and wrong (pages 21–34):
Chapter three What Does “Itself” suggest for a synthetic Being? (pages 35–65):
Chapter four a few features of attention (pages 67–104):
Chapter five Why is Auto?observation necessary? (pages 105–141):
Chapter 6 the best way to become aware of Oneself (pages 143–172):
Chapter 7 The moral sense (pages 173–194):
Chapter eight imposing a judgment of right and wrong (pages 195–218):
Chapter nine round the sense of right and wrong (pages 219–235):
Chapter 10 what's the destiny for CAIA? (pages 237–238):

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42 Artificial Beings In that way, we are enunciating a fact without indicating how to use it. When one analyzes a text, one can use this rule when one encounters a noun, or when one has completed the analysis of a nominal group, or when one has completed the analysis of a sentence, or even not at all. An important advantage of declarative knowledge is that one can use it for several applications. The preceding rule can be used as well when one understands a French sentence as when one writes one.

The mistakes coming from the translation from a correct passive version also happen during the reproduction of the living beings. For instance, mutations are due to a copying error during cell division. Errors are also made during the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins: the error rate is about one in a billion for DNA, one in 100,000 for RNA, and one in 10,000 for proteins. For living beings, that may have fortunate consequences, since mutations allow evolution to succeed, but it also creates impaired beings.

Indeed, there is never an intellectual likeness, and there was absolutely no resemblance on this point between Jupiter and Amphitryon. In the same way, the doubles of celebrities usually have few of the intellectual characteristics which enable their model to become famous, even when their physical resemblance is astonishing. Identical twins are a more interesting case because two (or sometimes more) copies of an individual coexist. However, if they have the same genetic inheritance, they are different because they have not shared exactly the same experience.

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