B-17 (Waffen-Arsenal 34) by Steve Birdsall

By Steve Birdsall

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An actual definition of an antique firearm is not however provided, thus resulting in a mixture of court rulings, which were coloured by perception, the condition of the weapon and the circumstances of possession. However, in the case Bennett vs. 22 in rim-fire cartridges, were both 16 Firearms Legislation and the Definition of a Firearm weapons which could have been used in World War I. It was further ruled that any weapon capable of having been used in twentieth century warfare should not be eligible for the exemption from certificate control offered for antique arms.

The work covered by Major Burrard is detailed and well set out, and has long been regarded as the standard reference book on the subject when used in conjunction with his other three books concerning guns, cartridges, and weapons testing. In the trial of George Kitchen, a farmer charged with the murder of his son James on a farm in a Lincolnshire fen in 1931, the weapon involved was a cheap double-barrelled hammer shotgun which the Defence claimed had been caused to discharge by accident: it fell to the ground after being propped up against a wall and was left with both its hammers cocked, as there were geese about.

15 million, recorded 63 fatal accidents with firearms. Private ownership of firearms is approximately 7 million. Australia, with a population of 18 million, recorded an annual rate of 18 accidents with firearms at the time of the report. 5 million. 2 between 1988 and 1993. Private ownership of firearms is approximately 1 million. Japan, having a population of 125 million, recorded 57 fatal accidents involving firearms in 1993. Japan has the most restrictive firearms controls in the world. In 1991, 517675 licensed firearms were held, of which 474252 were rifles or shotguns.

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