Belgian military aviation 1945-1977 by Paul A. Jackson

By Paul A. Jackson

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The commander must produce much of his own intelligence as the operation unfolds. These operations are conducted at company, battalion, and brigade levels with division support. Historically, units conduct search and attack operations-- ^^ In an environment of friendly air and fire superiority. Against squad-to-company size forces equipped with small arms and mortars, but normally without artillery support. ^^ Against both regular and guerrilla forces whose locations are unknown. In an environment where the enemy has the advantage of knowing both the terrain and the local populace.

B. Structure. An EAC brigade is designed, tailored, and configured for the specific theater in which it operates. EAC brigades are organized by the Army component commander based on the mission guidance from the theater commander-in-chief (CINC). The brigade may be organized with any combination of attack, reconnaissance, assault, CH-47 Chinook, fixed-wing, and maintenance units; however, the normal structure would include a headquarters and headquarters company (HHC); one UH-60 Black Hawk-equipped command aviation battalion (CAB); one fixed-wing theater aviation battalion; one CH-47 Chinook-equipped theater helicopter battalion; and one air traffic services (ATS) battalion.

During deep operations, aviation-- ^^ Provides aerial security during air assault and attack helicopter operations. Must coordinate air combat planning with the ADA commander and other combined arms forces in the area. ^ Must develop procedures for surviving an enemy air attack and then reconstituting ^ ^ aviation units. May require allocation of aviation forces exclusively for air combat roles. May require on-order missions for the majority of aviation forces. This allows the force commander to commit only the aviation assets necessary to counter the air threat while others continue primary maneuver or support missions.

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