Black Sea Oceanography by James W. Murray (auth.), Erol İzdar, James W. Murray (eds.)

By James W. Murray (auth.), Erol İzdar, James W. Murray (eds.)

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The rim current is directed towards the Turkish coast from the north by following the steep topography along the edge of shelf. Off the Bosphorus entrance region, the jet apparently follows the Bosphorus Canyon topography (see Figure 1) and therefore swings sharply in the southwest direction toward the coast before it bifurcates. One branch then turns towards the east, while the other flows partly into the Bosphorus Strait and partly turns anticyclonically to form the mesoscale eddy to the northwest of the strai t entrance.

E s locations are shown by the dots. ") ! 30· )}~7' ! I lor JI \ ~ 42· J -I>. 00 49 section, where a part of it tends to deflect cyclonically to the north to become part of the large scale general circulation of the western basin typically observed in the summer surveys. The other part of the flow continues eastward around the mesoscale eddy located off the Cape of Sinop. The station resolution is however not sufficient to define the path of flow clearly in this region. The eddy has an anticyclonic sense of rotation and an elongated shape with westward extension of about iOO miles from the Cape of Sinop.

Il'! I ,. • . ~... ""'" . J , , .. ", ,, , . -, ..... . . "Ot'( , ''''''' ~, ... ,', , . ,, ··, ·, Figure 2. First three barocl inic dynamical mode ampli tudes for the September 1988 and April 1989 surveys denoted in the figures by the summer and winter, respectively. The Brunt-Vaisala frequencies used in the solution of the vertical structure equation are based on the cruise-averaged density profiles. I t- I 41·' 4z·L 43· 41· 42· 43· 28· I 28· ! 1 32' ! 30 0 t ! 32 • ~Oh' ! 1 38· 340 . ( 40· I 36° I 38- I -- I 40.

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