Cases in Comparative Politics by Patrick H. O'Neil

By Patrick H. O'Neil

A suite of 13 nation reviews that applies the conceptual framework built in necessities of Comparative Politics.Cases in Comparative Politics, 3rd variation, is a suite of 13 kingdom reviews that describe politics within the uk, the us, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, India, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and Nigeria. This casebook applies the conceptual framework constructed within the textual content throughout international locations with a constant association that enables comparability and aids knowing.

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The Magna Carta set an important precedent by limiting the power of British monarchs and subjecting them to the law. As a result, the United Kingdom never experienced the type of royal absolutism that was common in other countries (for example, in Russia), and this in turn helped pave the way for public control over government and the state. The UK was fortunate to resolve relatively early in its historical development certain conflicts that other states would experience later in the modern era.

Some regimes give the judiciary the power of concrete review, allowing the high court to rule on constitutional issues only when disputes are brought before it. Other regimes give the judiciary the power of abstract review, allowing it to decide questions that do not arise from legal cases, sometimes even allowing it to make judgments on legislation that has not been enacted. In France, the Constitutional Council has the power of abstract review, whereas in the United States the Supreme Court has the power of concrete review.

I Comparing Societies The state and the regime exist in the context of their society, and societies differ from one another in ways that can strongly influence politics. For example, ethnic divisions exist within many states. Ethnicity refers to the specific attributes that make one group of people culturally different from others: for example, customs, language, religion, region, and history. Some states, like China, Japan, and Russia, are relatively homogeneous: one ethnic group makes up a large portion of the society.

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