Catalogue of New World Amphibians by Keith A. Harding

By Keith A. Harding

Publication through Harding, Keith A.

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Would it be more desirable to die free rather than to live in captivity? I’m not convinced that the first option would be the one to be preferred, or the one opted for by the chimpanzees themselves if they were to have a choice. Fortunately, the actual picture is not such a black-and-white one. Even were we to know that a particular area would certainly be destroyed, there are still in-between options—such as translocating animals to safer ground in the wild or to place them temporarily in a large sanctuary within their natural habitat (like the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga sanctuary in Congo Brazzaville).

In Hohenwald, Tennessee, The Elephant Sanctuary offers a new life to African and Asian elephants coming from zoos and circuses. 58 Such Welfare Arks may not only bring an invaluable contribution by helping individual animals in their care, but may also play an important indirect role of support to the conservation of threatened species in the wild by informing the public, raising funds, and sharing technical experience (such as sedation methods for translocating animals in the wild). Just taking into consideration the many animals in need of help might already result in a policy of not allowing these animals to breed.

F. Rietkerk, K. Brouwer and S. Smits (Amsterdam: EAZA/EEP Executive Office, 1995), 432. 46. ” 47. For an excellent explanation of the concepts of stress, frustration, and boredom, see Françoise Wemelsfelder, Animal Boredom: Towards an Empirical Approach of Animal Subjectivity (Utrecht: Elinkwijk, 1993). 48. Trevor Poole and Graham Law, Inexpensive Ways of Improving Zoo Enclosures for Mammals (Potters Bar: Universities Federation for Animal Welfare [UFAW], 1996), 1–6. 49. Arnold S. Chamove, Geoffrey R.

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