Cccp Red Army Afghan War Mudjaidin Tactics by Jalali, Grau

By Jalali, Grau

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Knowing the political chaos caused by the Uganda coup, Prime Minister Heath felt safe to make his an­ nouncement. And if he expected little reaction, he got what he expected. What brought about this sudden change of stance, this lowering of voices by Africa’s leaders ? Was it the Uganda coup alone? Hardly, for it seems there are other, more powerful influences at work. It is common knowledge, for instance, that Zambia is ex­ periencing a series of internal and external problems not the least of which is the sudden drop of copper prices on the world market.

Africa is South Africa’s passport to success in the international world. The Report from South Africa* which the South African Foundation had this to say : is distributed by Decolonisation has left a vacuum in Black Africa which South Africa is quietly moving out to fill. South Africans are playing an important role as expatriate experts vital in the newly independent nations. Their companies are busy in such lands as Malawi and Mozambique. Their money is financing the projects. * But perhaps matters were The Third Africa which said: stated most convincingly in On its part South Africa dominates ‘The Third Africa’* to the same if not a greater extent that the United States enjoys pre-eminence in the Americas and so, very much like the US with the CIA and all, in the Southern hemisphere of America, South Africa conducts her ‘plots’ in Southern Africa.

For example, diamonds produced from Angolan soil are sold by Diamang to Portu­ gal, which then sells the diamonds on the international market and earns the foreign exchange. Deprived of these foreign exchange earnings and the profits, the Territory in turn has to borrow from Diamang and receives a loan in escudos. This is a typical illustration of ‘economic inte­ gration’. During 1970 both Angola and Mozambique reported a further deterioration of their balance of payments with Portugal. As a result, delays in transfers from Mozam­ bique rose to over twelve months in some cases.

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