Cogitations by Wilfred R. Bion

By Wilfred R. Bion

It is a number of occasional writings by way of Bion, protecting a interval among 1958 and 1979, which delve right into a wide variety of fabric - psychoanalysis, technological know-how, arithmetic and common sense, literature and semantics.

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In the extreme form of defence in the psychotic the result of these destructive attacks appears as a superabundance of primary narcissism. But this is an appearance-the supposedly primary narcissism must be recognized as secondary to a fear of 'social-ism'. This digression brings me back to the psychotic defence against interpretation which I said was analogous to the analyst's attempt to evade any conveyance by the interpretation of an element which constitutes, or is felt to constitute, an attack on the patient's narcissism.

In my idea above. the dream symbolization and dream-work is what makes memory possible. 47 2 August 1959 omit ing and greed as most recalcitrant symptoms: the intense desire to chew and then to feel it going down; the movement of the jaws, the biting is very satisfactory. " attitude. The good things are denied because the desire is to chew, and the object is only within visual grasp. But then the destructiveness is transferred to, and is consequently felt to impregnate, looking itself. Much the same is true of smell as of sight, in that with neither sense must the object be in the physical contact necessary for biting and chewing.

But. as I have said, the tropism has only been partly reintrojected. For the most part it is felt to exist, not in the primitive breast which has refused it admission, not in the immature psyche which dare not take it back, but enclosed within the vehicle of communication itself, be that sound, sight, or touch. Thus enclosed, the tropism and its envelope become persecuted and persecuting. The tropisms are the matrix from which all mental life springs. For maturation to be possible they need to be won from the void and communicated.

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