Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory by Robert Gilman, Alexei G. Myasnikov, Vladimir Shpilrain, Sean

By Robert Gilman, Alexei G. Myasnikov, Vladimir Shpilrain, Sean Cleary

This quantity grew out of 2 AMS meetings held at Columbia college (New York, new york) and the Stevens Institute of know-how (Hoboken, NJ) and provides articles on a wide selection of subject matters in staff idea. Readers will discover a number of contributions, together with a set of over one hundred seventy open difficulties in combinatorial team thought, 3 very good survey papers (on barriers of hyperbolic teams, on mounted issues of loose staff automorphisms, and on teams of automorphisms of compact Riemann surfaces), and several other unique learn papers that characterize the variety of present traits in combinatorial and geometric staff idea. The ebook is a superb reference resource for graduate scholars and examine mathematicians attracted to quite a few facets of workforce concept

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19. Such sets do not exist in general for infinite groups, a fact that makes the proof for the infinite case substantially more difficult As a substitute for an irredundant generating set, one needs a large subset of a group which is free of the relation x-1y = y-1z. [Ba 78c]. Let us call a subset H of a group G good, if for any x,y,zeH, the relation x-1y = y-1z implies x=z. 3. Given a cardinal K, does there exist a group of power K without good subsets of the same cardinality? Let us call such groups strange.

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