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Neighborhood at unfastened Ends

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That's where it falls (cadere, casus), that is its essential accident (accidere), or it is the accident of essence insofar as essence is, and does not subsist. "Soi" is the arrival, the coming, the event of being. Thus we will have to say that in itself —en soi—essence is not subsistence and property, but rather being unto itself, being exposed to the declension of existing. Essence is in itself existence. In the final analysis that is the meaning of Heideg- 4 JEAN-LUC NANCY ger's axiom that existence is the essence of the Dasein.

But to do so he must leave aside everything in this critique that would bring into question his essentially instrumentalist view of language and the pragmatist assumption that the horizon of human linguistic activity is that of the communicable meaning established in consensus by free subjects. Those familiar with the "therapeutic" texts in question will recognize that what Rorty leaves aside is thus nothing other than the key elements of the philosophy of language elaborated in them: in general, all thought of the historical (and ontological —in Heidegger's vocabulary, "historial") conditions of the production of meaning and of the subject's signifying activity.

The becoming-self "of" the self is a becoming-imperceptible, as Deleuze might say: imperceptible to any assignment of essence. Becoming-self is the undefined extension of the surface where substance is exposed. For that reason it is a becoming-other which includes no mediation of the same and the other. There is no alchemy of subjects. There is an extensive/intensive dynamic of the surfaces of exposition. These surfaces are the limits upon which the self declines itself. They partition and share being and existence.

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