Conservation in the 21st Century: Gorillas as a Case Study by T.S. Stoinski, H. D. Steklis, P.T. Mehlman

By T.S. Stoinski, H. D. Steklis, P.T. Mehlman

This quantity identifies the first difficulties confronted in preserving wild populations of gorillas all through Africa, pinpointing new methods to fixing those difficulties and outlining the elevated position that zoos can play in gorilla conservation. It comprises the in-depth services of box scientists in quite a few disciplines to debate present conservation threats, novel methods to conservation, and strength options.

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1986). In 1960, Schaller first estimated this population to be between 400 and 500, using a combination of group counts, prospecting, and extrapolations (Schaller, 1963). Given the differences in methodologies between Schaller and subsequent field workers, a cautious interpretation is that we cannot really be certain that this represented a decline, nor, if so, can we assess the magnitude of the decline between 1959 and 1971, when complete census methods began to be employed (Harcourt and Groom, 1972).

F Caroll (1988). that the decline observed in Gabon for apes can represent gorillas as well and is also applicable to the other range countries. We have little up-to-date information on distribution, although we can assume with recent and current threats that many areas of distribution that may have once been continuous are now quite fragmented. 32 Patrick T. 3. , Chapter 17, and Stokes, Chapter 15, this volume). , 2003). Because this trade is so surreptitious, quantifying rates of extraction for gorillas is quite difficult.

This needs to be quantified in future studies. 1. Current Status of Wild Gorilla Populations 37 and up-to-date data on occupancy ranges and abundance measures (and their rate of change) for both western lowland and Grauer’s gorillas to test this hypothesis and set our conservation priorities. At present, all of the gorilla populations on the African continent are facing a conservation crisis. The Cross River gorillas by virtue of their small size and ongoing threats are the most critically endangered.

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