Crete 1941: Germany's lightning airborne assault by Peter Antill, Howard Gerrard

By Peter Antill, Howard Gerrard

Книга Osprey crusade №147. Crete 1941 Osprey crusade №147. Crete 1941 Книги Исторические Автор: P.D.Antill Год издания: Ospr Формат: pdf Издат.:P.D.Antill Страниц: ninety eight Размер: forty three Mb ISBN: 084176 844 1 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Серия военныхкниг Campaignот Osprey.Скачать все ссылки (162книги, 5,7Gb) на серию Osprey crusade одним файлом:

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Xi. conclusion. 2 Ibid. Book IV. ch. ii. 3 Quoted in J. M. Keynes, A Tract on Monetary Reform, p. 7. -43- economically right is also morally right. " 1 The assumption of a general and fundamental harmony of interests is prima facie so paradoxical that it requires careful scrutiny. In the form which Adam Smith gave to it, it had a definite application to the economic structure of the eighteenth century. It presupposed a society of small producers and merchants, interested in the maximisation of production and exchange, infinitely mobile and adaptable, and unconcerned with the problem of the distribution of wealth.

2 -44- postponed the class issue, with its insistence on the primary importance of equitable distribution, by extending to members of the less prosperous classes some share in the general prosperity; and by creating a sense of confidence in present and future wellbeing, it encouraged men to believe that the world was ordered on so rational a plan as the natural harmony of interests. " 1 The tacit presupposition of infinitely expanding markets was the foundation on which the supposed harmony of interests rested.

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