Death of a Salesman: Certain Private Conversations in Two by Arthur Miller

By Arthur Miller

The tragedy of a customary American--a salesman who on the age of sixty-three is confronted with what he can't face; defeat and disillusionment.

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Willy Graf

Pompier fragilisé par une blessure, Willy Graf tente de fuir son passé. Mais celui-ci le rattrape au fur et à mesure que des personnages s’immiscent dans sa vie.

Il y a d’abord Sara, auteure d’un roman dont, curieusement, le personnage imperative se nomme lui aussi Willy Graf. Sara crée des occasions autour du Willy Graf fictif qui se produisent par los angeles suite dans los angeles vie du vrai Willy Graf.

Puis survient Nina qui fait renaître une partie hassle de son passé. Partagé entre une réalité à laquelle il veut se dérober et une fiction étonnamment réelle qu’il récuse, Willy Graf se trouve parachuté dans un univers absurde, dérisoire, où il perd toute emprise sur son propre destin.

SARA : À Pékin, dans l’Illinois, Willy Graf rencontre une femme qui va bouleverser sa vie : elle s’appelle Nina Bishop.

WILLY: Nina ?

SARA: Nina Bishop.

Willy est pris d’un malaise, comme un éclair de douleur qui lui traverse los angeles colonne vertébrale.

WILLY : Elle est venue ?

SARA : Il y a trois semaines.


WILLY : Elle m’a retrouvé ! Il ne fallait pas. (Sara fait un mouvement vers lui. ) Laissez-moi. Ne me touchez pas. Laissez-moi partir.

La pièce Willy Graf a été créée par le Théâtre de los angeles Vieille 17 à Ottawa et le théâtre l’Escaouette à Moncton en janvier 2004.

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As Miller is apt to remind actresses in rehearsal, Linda is tough. She is a fighter. Willy is prone to bully her, cut off her sentences, reconstruct her in memory to serve present purposes, but this is a woman who has sustained the family when Willy has allowed fantasy to replace truth, who has lived with the knowledge of his suicidal intent, who sees through her sons’ bluster and demands their support. In part a product of Willy’s disordered mind, in part autonomous, Linda defines herself through him because she inhabits a world which offers her little but a supporting role; she is a committed observer incapable, finally, of arresting his march toward oblivion, but determined to grant him the dignity which he has conspired in surrendering.

LINDA: He was crestfallen, Willy. You know how he admires you. I think if he finds himself, then you’ll both be happier and not fight any more. WILLY: How can he find himself on a farm? Is that a life? A farmhand? In the beginning, when he was young, I thought, well, a young man, it’s good for him to tramp around, take a lot of different jobs. But it’s more than ten years now and he has yet to make thirty-five dollars a week! LINDA: He’s finding himself, Willy. WILLY: Not finding yourself at the age of thirty-four is a disgrace!

The question which confronts him now is whether that life will be saved by making Willy confront the reality of his life or by substantiating his illusions. To do the latter, however, would be to work against his own needs. The price of saving Willy may thus, potentially, be the loss of his own freedom and autonomy. Meanwhile the tension underlying this central conflict derives from the fact that, as Miller has said, “the story of Salesman is absurdly simple! ” (Theater Essays, 423) Miller may, in his own words, be “a confirmed and deliberate radical” (Conversations, 17), but Death of a Salesman is not an attack on American values.

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