Desert Storm: The War in the Persian Gulf by Otto Friedrich

By Otto Friedrich

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Would DOt tolerate the invasion: too much was at stake. S. Got into This nest. Bluffing ell oil. S. allow Saddam to argue that was between Baghdad and Washington, patron of Israel. S. troops under those circumstances. S. needed a broadbased coalition of Arab states, the United Nations and the Soviet Union, in addition to the Western alliance, (ieorge Bush and his top aides were working around the clash the clock to put In it New York together. City, Ambassador Thomas Pickering spearheaded the effort to pass within hours a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the invasion and calling on Iraq to withdraw.

Was overwhelming. Bush termed the inva"naked aggression" and ordered three sion a case of committed to working with Saddam. Officials from State and the White House repeatedly called Representative Howard Berman, a California Democrat, to delay his efforts for a House would go beyond vote to cut off trade with Iraq. That same day, State's Kelly was testifying before Lee Hamilton's committee. Later that Thursday, he flew to Colorado, where he had long been scheduled to deliver a speech at the As- Congress wanted to know what was going on.

Fahd raised three questions: to protect Saudi Arabia, The President wondered about the other allies. " he asked, since Pans has close ties to the Arab world. S. S. sent troops would they enough was elimi- Stay long remove the Iraqi threat? ' Yes to all three. Bush responded. But King Fahd made no commitments. Back in Washington on Aug. 3. S. in- and explore the military option. he dangers of letting Saddam get away with aggression were sinking in. Satellite photos showed that the Iraqis had already moved south from Kuwait City to within five miK terests I 22 - i I m */, & H| ¥', /.

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