Developing Leadership and Employee Health Through the Arts: by Julia Romanowska, Anna Nyberg, Töres Theorell

By Julia Romanowska, Anna Nyberg, Töres Theorell

This publication examines the issues “laissez faire” angle from managers can create within the place of work, in addition to the resultant sickness such difficulties can cause between staff. The publication deals new principles for facing those difficulties and proposes using cultural reports as an energetic part in management improvement programmes for managers. It offers the findings from a randomized trial to teach how cultural studies could be deployed, and what the impact on staff is. The ebook discusses health-promoting management and key elements in cultural actions for the advantage of offices from numerous issues of view, providing a ancient, social, mental, organic, academic and organizational point of view. eventually, it offers new theories on empathy in managers, and on worker results of good/bad alterations in supervisor behaviour.

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2013a). Interestingly it has been shown that the response of this “healthy” hormone to acute stress situations is also attenuated in subjects who report long-term stress at work (Lennartsson et al. 2013b). The diagram illustrates that the two forces, “energy mobilization” and “regeneration”, are balancing one another on all levels of the HPA and HPG axes (for a discussion see Theorell 2009). In all bodily organs, cells are being worn out and have to be repaired or replaced. In some cell systems, this is a rapid process (days or weeks, such as in mucosa, skin and white blood cells) whereas, in other systems, it is slow (years, such as in the skeleton).

2009). Broca’s area, which is important both for speech, music and organization of behaviour in general, likewise has an increased volume in musicians (Sluming et al. 2002; Gaser and Schlaug 2003; Abdul-Kareem et al. 2011a), and this effect is also associated with starting year of training (Sluming et al. 2002) and musician status (Gaser and Schlaug 2003). Gray matter differences between musicians and non-musicians are found in other parts of the cortex as well. Parts of the auditory cortex show a larger volume (Gaser and Schlaug 2003; Bermudez et al.

These cells are constructed like connective tissue cells, and they also depend on sufficient regenerative activity. If this is not sustained, the glial cells will be dysfunctional. This affects the brain function, possibly resulting for instance in deteriorating short memory function. Such mechanisms explain why memory functions may be affected by long-lasting stress without recuperation periods (Stenfors et al. 2013a, b). When employees start complaining about deteriorated cognitive functions, management should take this very seriously.

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