Serious Sunday…Accountability

Serious Sunday…Accountability

I’ve been thinking about accountability a lot lately.  I’ve been thinking that it’s probably something most people don’t think that much about, but it’s something everyone needs.

When you’re growing up, you have your parents, who, in their best efforts, keep you accountable.  Then, throughout life, we have teachers, coaches, employers and maybe even co-workers that will hold us accountable, at least to the responsibilities we hold in their presence.  If we marry, we have our spouse to hold us accountable, and that’s always fun… So fun, that many marriages end in divorce.

Any recovery or improvement program worth its weight, has an accountability plan.  Everyone knows that to overcome something, you have to have someone you trust, that you can be completely transparent with.  Someone who knows your weaknesses and will speak truth to you, even when you don’t want to hear it.  Better yet, someone who will commit to pray for you.

So, why don’t more people have accountability partners?  I think it’s because most of us don’t like to admit that we have issues.  Fear and pride are pretty big obstacles.  It’s hard to tell someone that you over eat, and the reasons why, or that you look forward to a glass a wine too much, or you loose your temper on your kids, or you like your computer screen more than your spouse.  It’s the same reasons most folks think they don’t need a Savior.  It’s the ultimate deception.

If you are serious about your personal growth and justification, you need to get transparent with someone.  We were created for relationship, and that includes accountability.  It’s not always fun, but it’s real…and worth it.

If you think you don’t have any reason for an accountability relationship, you’re in denial. Really.

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  1. “If you are serious about your personal growth and justification, you need to get transparent with someone.” Just had a friend of mine say that exact thing and I totally agree.

    Great post!

  2. I think that it is because of the way in which we define “accountability” so that it has taken on a negative connotation. According to Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 the kind of relationship defined as accountability by the Bible creates productive synergy, loving accountability, warm support, and powerful agreement. Focusing only on the aspect of making sure someone does what is difficult or unwanted has let us to take a “none of your business” attitude against entering into accountability relationships. However, to be fair such relationships are not easily entered into. They must be developed over time with mutual trust, mutual transparency, and humility.

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