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I’ve Done Some Reading…

I’ve Done Some Reading…

I have had a herniated disc.  It’s really painful and no fun at all, and I’ve spent over 2 weeks laying down.  One of the things I could do while suffering is read. You would think I could have blogged, but the discomfort and bad attitude messed with my flow… The pain meds might have been part of the problem too…  So, I read.  After finishing 6 books in about 6 weeks, I thought I would do a mini book review blog and see how it goes…

I spent the end of November and beginning of December devouring Ted Dekker Circle series.  Black, Red, White and finally to my frustration, Green.  I really enjoyed the characters and the descriptions of every detail.  The contrast between two realities, and the allegory of good and evil in the world and in our hearts, held my attention through all 4 books…

The intensity was hard on me at times, and I found myself thinking about the story line even when I was not reading.  I hadn’t done that with a series since I read the Hunger Games trilogy. (yes, I read it… and I read the Twilight series too..) Mr. Dekker made a valiant execution in making the books come full circle, and I can see the connection, but it didn’t ease my mind.  Coming to the end of Green and thinking that the cycle would repeat, left me with a sadness for the main character.  Bummer.  Besides the frustration of the actual circle of the series, I did find it well written, engaging, exciting and seriously thought provoking.  I was left with some unanswered questions, but it was definitely worth the hours it took me to read.  I do highly recommend this series.  I enjoyed it so much, I went and purchased the “younger generation” set and plan to read it soon as well…

The next book is one many have read.  My daughter recommended it, so how could I not  pick up this small, easy to read book called The Alchemist.  I was almost disturbed by the simplicity of it, yet it was as deep a book as any self-help book you could ever find.  I was completely caught up in The Boy’s quest, and taken in by his adventures.  I was truly surprised at the ending, and it make me smile so big, my husband asked me what was going on.  I loved it.  It was one of those books, that makes you think and then…smile.  I personally think everyone should read it, and with it being so short and simple, there is no excuse not to.  Trust me.  Really.

The last book I read is The Last Sin Eater, by Francine Rivers.  This book also falls within the allegory category.  I’ve always been a huge Rivers fan, ever since I read Redeeming Love and A Lineage of Grace.  Both of those were life changing and are on my all time favorite list…My personal belief is that everyone should read those too… but I digress… The Last Sin Eater is an engaging tale of a young girl named Cadi,  in a southern settlement, around the mid 1850’s.  The settlement in which she lives has taken on the practices of their Scottish fore-fathers, and has assigned a “sin eater” to take the sins of someone when they died.  The story is also loosely based on Leviticus 16:8-10.  It was another engaging story from Rivers, although I did not love it as much as the other two I mentioned.  Maybe it’s just me, but I did have a hard time putting this one down as well.  Rivers does a fabulous job getting you to start the next chapter, which got me through this book in just a couple of days.  The story was sweet, and thought provoking, and even a little intense at times.  This book does carry the Gold Medallion Award for good reason.  Another winner from Mrs. Rivers, just not a #1 for me.

So there you have it.  If you are planning on reading any of the books I have mentioned, I would start with Redeeming Love… which I didn’t even tell you about.  Really.

Here is my reading list from 2011; (If you would like a more in depth opinion on any of them, just ask!)

  • The Power of a Praying Parent Stormie Omartian(I read this all the time, because I’m a mom, and all mom’s need to read this all the time…)
  • Heaven is for Real, Ted Burpo (enjoyable – I was already a Believer)
  • Mocking Jay, Suzanne Collins (loved it – but a little too disturbing at times..I did read the series as well)
  • Weird, Craig Groeschel (awesome – although it was freakily like something I would write)
  • Crazy Love, Francis Chan (this was a re-read…cause it’s worth it)
  • Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald (another re-read…happy sigh)
  • Already Gone, Ken Ham & Britt Beemer (Wow. Just Wow.)
  • Hearts & Minds, Kenneth Boa & John Alan Turner (hard to finish…)
  • Same Kind of Different As Me, Ron Hall & Denver Moore (a hard start, but worth finishing for sure)
  • Captured by Grace, David Jeremiah (LOVE…5 stars)
  • In An Instant, Lee & Bob Woodruff (enjoyable..)
  • Lord, Change my Attitude, James MacDonald (another re-read – 5 Star – everyone who is breathing should be reading this one)
  • How Good is Good Enough? Andy Stanley (worth it)
  • The Short Life of Bree Tanner, Stephenie Meyer (yea, I read it.  Wanna make somethin of it?  Oh, and I liked it…)
  • Ashamed of the Gospel, John MacArthur (Very good, but sometimes redundant)
  • The Reason for God, Timothy Keller (Thought provoking – 5 stars)
  • The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, John MacArthur (awesome.)
  • Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung (very good)

I also participated in a few group  studies –

  • R12 (Romans 12)- Chip Ingram
  • When Godly People Do Un-Godly Things, Beth Moore
  • The Book of Mark – Navpress – The Navigators

All 3 are 5 star studies and I highly recommend all of them…

Did you read something amazing in 2011? Tell me!! 🙂  Happy new year and happy reading!