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hearing loss, diets & new routines

hearing loss, diets & new routines

My youngest has progressive hearing loss.  I kinda wrote about it a while ago in my post, “I Cried Today”.  He’s a pretty typical teen.  Most people don’t even know he has hearing aids, or any health issues for that matter.  Recently, we went to a new ENT for a second opinion.  We have been going to the same ENT for 13 years and I thought it might be about time.  This new doctor laid out the issues and had a solution, in about 10 minutes.  It all seemed too simple.

My son’s ears are not healthy.  He has popping and constant ringing.  His hearing loss is only high frequency so far, and the hearing aids fix it.  He does suffer from headaches and dizziness, but not normally enough to slow him down for more than one or two days a month.

The new doctor looked in his mouth and his ears, and told me that he had markings in his mouth that indicated he was swallowing in his sleep – grinding marks that he called the “tuck & swallow”.  He would only be doing that, if he had reflux and needed to swallow at night, due to stomach working and stuff refluxing…  Well, he did have reflux when he was little.  The first few years of his life were horrible because of it, but he has not had any problems in a long time.  The doctor then explained the air flow from the eustachian tubes, and the esophagus also affected the ears.  The reflux was, apparently, causing air flow issues…  His solution seemed to simple.  My son needs to go to bed with an empty stomach.  Which means he can’t eat 6-8 hours before going to bed.  If he must eat something, it should only be fruit that is easily digested.  Simple.  Really?

He explained that making breakfast your most important meal is key to health anyway.  “Important” meaning, all your proteins, fats etc.  Basically have your dinner for breakfast.  He also put it this way, “eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper.”  Well.  It has been a major adjustment to the schedule, and to our way of thinking.  It makes sense, but it’s not how we are used to doing things.

The other day we had tortellini and meatballs for breakfast, chicken fingers for lunch and watermelon for dinner.  Thank God we are home schooling…We’ve been doing this for 6 weeks with some improvement.  I must say we have not been really disciplined  though.  It’s not an easy thing to do, but we are committed to keep at it.  My son is motivated to feel better, and he thinks it’s fun to eat dinner for breakfast…it’s the fruit for dinner that’s the stumbling block.  We will check back with the doctor in 2 months.

My son’s ringing has not stopped, nor has the popping.  His headaches have decreased in intensity & frequency though.  Pray for us to keep to the program.  We really want to see if this works, since we have tried everything else… and I mean everything. There’s no harm in trying this, and I figure, this doctor is either a nut job or a genius.

Have you ever heard anything like this?  What do you think?

Still in the Competition…

Still in the Competition…

I blogged a few weeks back that I had entered a weight loss competition in my community.  I’m still going strong, and I am not about to quit, but it’s been a rough start so far.  This week I will be checking in with our coach and getting my “new” measurements, and some new routines for my workouts.  I know the scale is not the only way to measure how you are doing, and I thank God for that, cause the scale is definitely not my friend yet.  I have a fantastic support system, in the group I’m doing this with, but also with my friends… I have almost daily invitations to walk, and one friend can’t wait to get me to her gym.  My husband and son’s have walked with me and even helped me with my weight training.  Eating healthy hasn’t been as hard as I thought, and I am already used to eating smaller portions. So, how am I doing in the competition?  I have been asked many times, so I thought I would give you all the top ten reasons why I think I might not be in the running, but I am still in the game!

Top ten ways you know you might not be winning a weight loss competition…

  1. You don’t loose any weight the first week.
  2. You miss your first mandatory conference call.
  3. You have oral surgery the first week…pain meds are not conducive to exercise.
  4. You’re the last one up the hill at a group exercise event.
  5. You’re the last one down the hill at a group exercise event.
  6. You run into your trainer at a dessert table.
  7. You already have unchangeable plans, and will miss the biggest group boot camp of the competition.
  8. You exercised with a fellow contestant and you had to lay on a bench while she did extra laps.
  9. When your trainer asked you if you could start taking your coffee black, you responded with, “I’d rather die”.
  10. After you lost 4 pounds, you gain a pound and a half right back

So there you have it.  I’m only 4 weeks in to this 12 week competition.  Despite my rocky start,  I am still motivated – I’ve also come to the conclusion that even though I would love to win this thing, I want to loose weight for myself even more, and I know I can, no matter what.  Really.

Losing Weight…

Losing Weight…

So. I’ve entered a weight loss competition.  Of course, that naturally must mean I need to lose weight.

I was always a skinny kid.  I ate whatever I wanted, and never, ever thought twice about it.  Soda, french fries, cookies, ice cream…  oh dang. I digress.  Anyway, I never had an issue with my weight.   Even after all of my pregnancies, I would slip my pre-baby jeans right on.  All of that finally came to end, as most good things do, after I had a complete hysterectomy.  I swear, I gained 30 pounds in a month.  I walked and went to the YMCA off and on, but nothing too regimented.  I couldn’t loose a pound!  I’m a very busy lady, so, I just decided that the new added weight wasn’t that bad. It was a better deal than the pre-hysterectomy issues I had suffered with, and I still wasn’t considered obese for heaven sake!  I had only gone up a size or two.

Well, ignoring your body, and keeping busy is not a good idea if you don’t want to gain more weight.  I obviously didn’t get that memo, and my new best friend was Denial, so over the next few years, I grew and grew.  I grew until I stopped changing in front of the mirror.  I stopped hanging out in cute shorts, and I never got out of the shower without a towel already tightly in place.  I even wondered what my husband really thought, and secretly feared that he might not be attracted to me anymore.

I would go through seasons of “trying” to do something about it, but life would always get in the way, and that dear friend, Denial, would remind me how important my responsibilities were. Busy, busy, busy.  Even when my cholesterol hit 400… I got a prescription, grabbed my friend Denial, and went out to dinner… I would usually fix my frustration by shopping for a new outfit.  New clothes can make you feel good, but apparently that only works the first time you wear them… for me anyway.

So here I am.  I’ve got a closet full of clothes, and I’ve sent Denial packin.  I took this opportunity to enter a competition, not only to lose weight, but to do it from the inside out. This is about life change, not another diet.   I am competing against 19 other people from my community, but my toughest competitor will be me.

I do this knowing that I can. I don’t need anymore clothes and my husband adores me no matter what my dress size.  Denial keeps calling, but I’ve changed my number.  I know I can do anything I set my mind to, and the time has come to set my mind to this…I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13…Really.

Serious Saturday…I Cried Today.

Serious Saturday…I Cried Today.

I cried today.

It all started while visiting a church this morning, and seeing that the first 3 rows on the left, were reserved for the deaf.  We sat behind those seats, and I watched with grateful eyes, as the interpreter signed the songs, and the pastors message to the inhabitants of those rows.  It was angelic, and touched the deepest parts of my heart to see people worshiping the Lord through sign language.

This might have touched you as well, as signing is a beautiful language, but I think it touched me because my youngest child has progressive hearing loss.

My son has spent 10 of his 13 years on the planet visiting the Children’s ENT of Atlanta.  He has had a couple sets of tubes, beginning at age one.  He has had his adenoids and tonsils out, not at the same time I might add.  He has had a “strep” abscess removed and another that dissipated through IV medication and a week in the Children’s Hospital.  He actually has a myriad of other health issues, but none as visible as his hearing aids.

The doctors have tentatively diagnosed him with “progressive hearing loss”.  What that really means is that they know he has lost many levels of hearing, progressively, and they assume he will continue to follow that pattern.  We have endured many tests, and are about to see a Genetics Doctor, to undergo more testing.  The cause for this hearing loss is still a mystery.  So, we go to the audiologist every 3 months for hearing tests and adjustments, and we see the doctor every 6 months, wherein we ask the same things and he gives us the same answers. There is nothing they can do about the ringing in his ears.  They don’t know why this is happening, and he could loose all hearing ability at anytime.  Or not…. Really.

We have gotten very used to this routine.  Almost numbly used to it.

When we were told that the time had come for hearing aids, I cried a lot.  Then I prayed, and gave it all to God.  Peace came over me like a wave, and I have been strong ever since.  That was a year and a half ago.  Today, out of the blue, I saw those radiant people, who could not hear the music, but were praising God with their bodies and hands, and I cried again.

A good friend of mine asked me once, why I wasn’t mad at my God for my sons health issues.  I cannot be mad because I know there is more to this life.  My hope is not in the flesh, but in the Spirit and the Spirit is eternal.  Being mad at anything you have no control over is also a waste of energy, and will steal your joy and hope.  I felt sad today, but not sad in a mad kinda way, but in a realization that my son might have to connect with God on a different level than me.  A level that I don’t understand.  Apparently, as a mom, that can make you cry… Do I ever wish that this cup shall pass?  Yes.  My prayer is for hearing restored, but if it’s not, I know I will be OK and so will my son. Really.